Armed protest erupts in Burns Oregon over LaVoy Finicum’s Death.

Hands Up Dont Shoot BURNS OR LaVoy Finicum Murder Death

Protest Over LaVoy Finicum Death in Burns OR

Feb 1st 2016 – (BURNS,OR) Armed protest erupted in Burns Oregon today pitting residents against residents as more Citizens of Harney County become influenced by the cow boy hat wearing Militants. Protesters local and from out of town sporting Glocks on their hips have vocal demands that they let everyone hear via Mega Phone and they are for Law Enforcement and FBI to be held responsible for LaVoy Finicum’s death which was caught on drone video and released by the FBI. The video shows Finicum drive off to the shoulder of the road to attempt to go around a road block setup by Law Enforcement and he immediately jumped out of the car and put his hand’s in the air. After this it’s up to the person watching the video to interpret it how you want. What we here at Gresham News Source want to do is tell you about the news not give you our opinion on what we think happened however it appears as if he was shot and he clutched his wounds and was shot again. According to eye witnesses to LaVoy Finicum’s Death he was shot with his hands in the air and while he was laying down in the snow.


Armed Militia wants Law Enforcement and FBI held Accountable for LaVoy Finicum’s Death

This protest which was observed here in the news room via live feed from the Pete Santilli Show which is being ran by his sidekick deb while he is in Multnomah County Jail charged with a federal conspiracy charge. He has said he is innocent and that his rights are being violated because he is only a reporter giving the news but a Federal Judge by the name of Michael W. Mosmon didn’t agree and had Pete Santilli held without bail until his court date. According to the Rutherford Institute and the ACLU whom have both come to the his aid because they believe his rights were violated an he was in the right to be there and film and report on what was happening during the protest.

Watch the Video Here


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