Gresham man Unlawfully Detained by Fairview Police and told to get out of Town

Unlawful Detainment by The Fairview Police Department.

Gresham Oregon Resident is harassed while parked using his GPS then told to get out of Fairview.

In recent News a Gresham man was unlawfully detained this week by Fairview Police Department Officer Josh Delatorre Badge # 46651 because he was parked on the side of the road while configuring his GPS. A video of the incident was posted on You Tube under the account name Skylow Productions. Skylow claims he’s from Gresham Oregon and was only traveling through Fairview to go somewhere (Fairview Oregon and Gresham Oregon are bordering cities both in Multnomah County). He said that he pulled over in an area that did not have any no parking indications like he’s done several other times in the past when needing to use his gps. He said he prefers to not be driving while he uses the phone since that’s where his GPS is located. Skylow says he has been given a ticket before in the past for messing with his phone while driving and that’s why he pulls over every time now.

46651 badge number for Officer Joshua Delatorre

Fairview Police Officer Josh Delatorre

We watched Skylows video and while it doesn’t show that Skylow is a very good videographer is does allow us to listen to the dialog between the pair. Officer Delatorre approachs Skylow whom is pulled over in his vehicle and asks for his Identification. Skylow asks why he’s being bothered and Officer Delatorre tells him that he’s parked in a bike lane. Skylow asks if he is being detained and Officer Delatorre say’s yes this is a stop and leaves with the man’s ID. After returning Skylow try’s to explain he’s in an area that doesn’t indicate no parking and Officer Delatorre tells him that he’s on a fog line and to Get Out of Fairview! then immediately leaves.

This leaves us here in the Gresham News Room to believe that Skylow Production’s or whomever is behind the identity was unlawfully detained because you can clearly hear the man say that he was not in a bike lane or in a no parking area he was parked using his GPS to figure out where he was going so this makes me believe that this officer was simply harassing the Gresham man because he was bored. Officer Delatorre had no authority to tell Skylow to leave town and somewhere in here you have a man who’s rights were violated when he was unlawfully deatined by the Fairview Police Department. So was he detained for parking in a bike lane, parking on a fog line, or for parking in a lawful parking area? You tell me but Skylow Productions has promised to get us photographs in the daytime to prove his statement.

Watch the full video below

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